Managed Solutions That Make A World of Difference

Eventus designs, implements and manages Customer Experience solutions for medium businesses and many of the largest enterprises in the world, based on a state-of-the-art platform that integrates ecosystem technologies along with our own unified IntelligenceHub software. We provide a variety of solutions, designed for agility and scale, from providing managed services to providing end-to-end, turn-key customized omnichannel solutions.

CX Managed Solutions deliver standalone operational and technical services that provide meaningful insights to drive greater efficiencies, identify opportunities, realize value, and improve customer engagements.

Eventus Workforce Management solutions optimize workplace efficiency for our clients, our agents, and the managers and coaches who support them. An important part of our Managed Solutions offering, Work Force Management contributes to outstanding productivity, quality of experience, and cost control, maximizing the return on our clients’ investment in competitive customer service.

Our Workforce Management platform is the most comprehensive in the marketplace, and most modern, addressing the desire for customers to communicate on the channels of their choice, twenty-four hours a day, and with a desire to get their questions answered and concerns addressed in the fastest and friendliest manner.

With years of experience working with all the top technology vendors in the contact center industry, Eventus provides Managed Solutions over the platform of our clients’ choice. We are experts at integrating across different software and cloud platforms, to ensure access to the best voice, data, chat, web, social, mobile and services are supported – and fully integrated for unified real-time management and reporting.

Leveraging our IntelligenceHub innovation, we build connectors between systems and manage the organization of big data, while also analyzing that data to extract meaningful insights that impact not only customer service, but which inform improvements to our clients’ products, services, sales and marketing campaigns and more. When customers are happy, and offerings are continually improved, business outcomes grow in a constantly positive direction.

Full Transformational Outsourcing is one of our greatest strengths, built on a team of experienced professionals in the contact center industry, alongside technology and business model innovators. We understand the challenges of making the leap into the world of software-as-a-service, cloud-based models, big data analytics, and how technology impacts the way the most talented agents and managers serve customers while also generating priceless insights.

Transformations to the new way of serving customers across the entire lifecycle today mean excelling across every channel of choice customers have today, unifying the data used to provide personalized and predictive services, and driving value through better business outcomes at often a substantially lower overall cost.

With our gain share model, we have unique incentives to constantly create more value as our relationships with our clients deepen through the years.

Our technology partner ecosystem is growing constantly, as we seek to master all world-class software and cloud platforms to give our clients their choice of a primary platform, and auxiliary services through the appropriate combination of capabilities. With so much change in the industry, it can be difficult to decide what to build and with whom to partner.

Our Managed Solutions clients consistently come from our strategy and consulting practice, where our analysis and guidance is so appreciated by enterprises and organizations that they choose to trust us with their entire customer service and extended Customer Experience (CX) operations.

Because we have implemented over 300 major projects, we have continual insight into what incumbent and challenger technology providers have in the market or will be bringing to market.