Experience Design That Truly Differentiates

The Eventus strategic consulting team brings talent and experience to enterprises and organizations to lead or supplement Customer Experience initiatives. Whatever the desired business outcome, with over 300 successful projects completed, across many industries, we collaborate with our clients to improve everything from customer journey roadmaps to full transformational blueprints. Our experts across the full range of operational and technology disciplines contribute to projects that address specific goals (improving quality and customer satisfaction scores) to complete digital and process transformations that lead to better results and lower overall costs.


The creation of competitive, sustainable customer experience, engagement and service programs starts with a strategy that reflects changing customer expectations, evolving technologies, increasing channels to manage, and opportunities to differentiate through intelligent and insightful interactions.

Transformation Blueprints

There are a multitude of questions that need to be assessed to be able to choose the strategy that aligns with business objectives. How do millennial customers interact with your business, as opposed to Generation X? What are my customers pain points on their customer journey? Eventus has the experience to plan, execute and monitor success through the entire transformation.

Journey Roadmaps

As part of our Customer Journey road mapping process, Eventus provides strategic and technology recommendations. In addition, we also provide implementation and managed services to ensure customer satisfaction and customer experience benefits are realized. We start with a customer lifecycle analysis, then collaborate with our clients to improve experiences that lead to higher customer retention, repeat business, and positive customer referrals.

Capability Assessments

Eventus consultants work with clients to conduct a full audit of their platforms, productivity tools, processes and people and provide an initial read-out which helps guide choices on where to make changes, invest and improve operations and business outcomes. With gap analyses, benchmarking against industry best practices, and thorough investigations designed to help our clients serve their customers better, beyond the initial read-out, Eventus offers tangible recommendations on everything from more efficient systems to more effective teams.

Financial Modeling

Whether our client’s goal is to boost profitability, obtain investment to update antiquated systems, or improve the customer experience, Eventus consultants have experience developing and delivering advanced financial models complete with robust scenario, what-if, and ROI analysis capabilities. We collaborate with our client’s team to understand unique business needs, develop custom financial models, and outline a plan to accomplish your goals. The outcome of investment analysis provides business leaders with the support they need to green-light performance improvement projects.